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New American Music for Violin and Voice is a new duo based in New York City, featuring violinist Hajnal Pivnick of Tenth Intervention and mezzo soprano Kayleigh Butcher of Quince Ensemble. Hajnal and Kayleigh are both contemporary classical performers dedicated to commissioning and disseminating new works by living American composers.

This duo introduces five world premiere pieces into the voice and violin repertoire. In order to represent the gamut of styles and backgrounds within the American new music community, two of the five composers involved in this premiere project are women and three are composers of color.

Each composer has a distinctive compositional voice, drawing their writing inspiration from American folk influences, instrumental and vocal extended techniques, and the intersection of social politics and music, making this a unique and important project both for the performers and composers involved as well as future audiences.


Daniel Felsenfeld: Sandpit for mezzo soprano and violin
Annie Hui Hsin Hsieh: Song, for a particular space, lingering while dissipating for voice and violin
Joel Thompson: After for mezzo soprano and violin
Luis Amaya: Pregunta No. 3 for mezzo soprano, violin, glass vase, and amplification

Anahita Abbasi: Situation IV  for solo violin
David T Little: Hellhound for solo violin
Ryan Lott: Fighting Chance for solo violin
Cara Haxo: Apple Butter for solo voice, woodblock, and triangle
Adrian Montùfar: Touch for solo voice
Giacinto Scelsi: Ogloudoglou for solo voice and woodblock

Running time of program: 60 min with short intermission